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Music Theory

"Music theory is the core of music itself."

                                                         - Adanze Eke, Founder

One thing that sets us apart from other music schools is that we not only offer online music theory courses, but we also implement theory within our lesson teaching.


At the Anointed Ivories School of Music we focus heavily on music theory. Music theory is defined 

as "the study of the practices and possibilities of music". If one understands music theory, they understand music on a more intricate level. This is the reason why we have created music theory courses to ensure our students are gaining as much knowledge to further their musicianship as possible. 

Try out one of our bundle options where you take private lessons and are concurrently enrolled in a music theory course. Or, simply enroll in a Music Theory Course for only $69

Once enrolled, our theory coordinator will guide you on your music theory journey!
Upon enrollment, students will take the Anointed Ivories Theory Placement Exam. Student will be placed in one of our 6 theory courses.

Why Music Theory?

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