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Piano is the foundation of becoming a strong musician. Our lessons can give you the tools to play your favorite songs or prepare for a collegiate and professional career. 

All lessons are tailored to you. Lessons will include topics such as: playing by ear, embellishing chords, reading notated music, technique and style development. 

Plans & Pricings

If you can listen, you can play. This is the same way a child learns a language. You listen first, then imitate sounds you hear. Reading and writing come after a child learns to speak. -Shinichi Suzuki


Anointed Ivories School of Music is where beginner, intermediate, and advanced students go to learn the fundamentals of playing piano such as scales, music theory, articulation, expression and more. These basic principles are key to being a secure pianist. Our piano teachers aid young students through the early stages of learning notes, ear training, sightreading, and internal tempo.

Our piano teachers utilize the Little Mozart's and the Piano Adventures book series to teach young students the rudiments of piano. These books do an outstanding job at teaching young students the basic principles of piano in a fun and conducive environment. 


Students in this program usually have 0-5 years of piano experience.



Our intermediate level instruction is intended for students who have grasped the basics of piano. Intermediate lessons is where students focus more on the application of music theory and expression. The art of playing the piano is introduced to intermediate level students. Before entering this level, students should know all the on the notes on the staff, be able to play major scales, and more. For a full brief on what students should know, please read below.


Students in this program usually have 5-10 years of piano experience and should be able to:

  • Play C, G, and D major scales

  • Know all the notes on the staff

  • Play major chords



Anointed Ivories' advanced piano lessons offer professional piano coaching and lessons that will help practicing students reach their highest potential. Trying to get better at:

  • Sight-reading

  • Improvisation

  • Expression

  • Finger dexterity

  • Style development

  • Performance etiquette 

  • Emotional connection to pieces

  • Ear training


Our expert piano teachers focus on advanced techniques to help students reach their musical goals. 


Students in this program usually have at least 10 years of playing experience.

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