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Policies & Need to Know

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Tuition is billed on the first day of each month at a flat rate, based on 4 lessons monthly. The student’s first month will be prorated accordingly. Accounts are not charged at a higher rate in the event that there are 5 lessons in a month and accounts are not charged at a lower rate in the event that there are only 3 lessons (during a holiday) in a month.


The appointed lesson time has been reserved for the student each week. We LOVE our students and every minute counts, but please understand that we cannot “steal” time from another student or teacher in the case of tardiness. Lessons must stay on schedule so please be punctual. We are committed to providing the scheduled amount of lesson time.



We regularly take photos/videos of our students and faculty to post on social media or use on our website. We also take photos/videos of performances. If you do not wish to release the use of your child's image/likeness/voice for AISM marketing purposes, please contact and we will furnish you with an OPT OUT form to add to your child's records.



Please understand that we do all that we can to help you feel well informed via email, text message, etc. However, a failure to read studio communication that has been sent to the communication platforms you have provided to us does not nullify adherence to studio policies. To insure steady business operations, policies will be enforced at all times.




Questions regarding studio policies, tuition fee schedule, billing can be directed to Questions regarding learning material, or inquiries pertaining to instruction may be handled between the instructor and/or Owner, Adanze Eke.


AISM operates on a “Lesson Every Week” program offering students the option of:

-A private face to face lesson at the regular scheduled time

-A private virtual lesson at the regular scheduled time



Contact your lesson teacher.

We appreciate you and look forward to making music with you!

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