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Our private voice lesson program uses a performance-based music education approach. This means the curriculum focuses on learning music concepts and applying them in a live performance setting. Our voice teachers want you to sing what you love with an understanding of your vocal range, healthy breathing and singing, stylistic diction, and appropriate techniques for your style of singing!

Plans and Pricings

See our plans and pricings for voice lesson options. Once you choose a plan and register, you will be matched with a voice teacher that is right for you!


Anointed Ivories School of Music is where young singers and aspiring vocalists go to learn the fundamentals of singing like breathing, posture and diction. These basic principles are key to strong vocal performances. Our voice teachers help guide beginner singers through the early stages of vocal progression, assisting with pitch training, developing timbre and keeping steady tempo.

Our expert vocal instructors implement methodologies, such as Kodály and other singing techniques, to add to a student's existing vocal repertoire and help children learn how to sing in a comfortable atmosphere, no matter what skill level they are at vocally. Expert voice instructors teach the basics like staying in-key, breathing and diction and advanced techniques like timbre and intonation.


Students in this program usually have 0-3 years of singing experience.



Anointed Ivories' intermediate to advanced vocal lessons offer professional voice training and singing lessons that will help practicing students reach their highest potential. Trying to get better at:

  • Sight-reading

  • Improvisation

  • Diction (German, Italian, Spanish, French, English)

  • Styles such as Classical, Musical theatre, & Pop

  • Breath support & control

  • Posture and Performance techniques

  • Vibrato & Tone

  • Ear training


Our expert vocal instructors focus on advanced singing techniques to add to a student's existing vocal repertoire. 


Students in this program usually have at least 3 years of singing experience.


Which lessons plan is right for you?

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